10 Practical Uses for NLP

NLP is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to make broad reaching changes in your life. One of the most common questions I am asked is “How can NLP help me in my life?” While I could go on and on about the areas of my life and changes NLP has allowed me to make I thought it might be helpful to write this up in an easier format.

What I do want to point out is that all of the following changes can be made across your life. So take getting along better with others. Others can apply to co-workers, your boss, spouse, your kids, your parents…NLP can help you get along better with anyone. It is so powerful, in fact, that the change can happen so quickly and with such subtlety that it can go unnoticed by others. They may notice you’re getting along better, but not be able to put their finger on exactly why.

What follows is a list of what I consider to be the 10 most powerful ways NLP can change your life. To learn more about any of these feel free to visit http://www.nlpco.com and check out some of the resources available in our extensive library and our comprehensive store.

Allergies are an annoying part of life for many of us. Whether you’re allergic to man’s best friend or to the beautiful promise of new beginnings that comes with Spring blooms you will likely agree that life would be a bit easier without those allergies. You’ve likely tried various medications and other treatments. Imagine the freedom you could have if you didn’t need to carry the Kleenex with you everywhere or tell your kids they can’t have that puppy because you know it will only make your eyes water.

One of the first processes that NLP became known for, in fact what led to it’s widespread popularity, is the allergy process. While it’s not a cure, it does allow you to reset your immune system. The allergy process allows you to help your immune system understand what is truly dangerous to you and what is not. After walking through this process you will be able to enjoy the freedom that many others experience. You will be able to go through your days without the burning, itching eyes you’ve become so used to, the sneezing will subside, and you will experience a level of comfort you haven’t felt in years.

Getting what you want
Setting goals is a part of life. It is the only way to grow and to reach new heights. We often set goals for our health, our finances and our free time. Some people only set goals at the beginning of the year, others practice goal setting far more frequently, often revisiting them on a quarterly or monthly basis. Some even check their goals on a weekly or even daily basis. Regardless of the goal or the person, one thing remains the same. No one reaches all their goals.

What if you could increase the percentage of goals you achieve? How would your life be different if you could set a goal and know that you would reach it? Imagine knowing that when you set a goal you will reach it. By utilizing and practicing the Well Formed Outcome process you will greatly increase your odds of success.

Get along better with others
Getting along with others is a part of every day life for most of us. Whether at work or at home it seems our ability to get along with others directly affects our quality of life. We can increase or decrease the quality of our interactions simply by making small changes in the way we approach others, the way we interpret what they say, and what we tell ourselves about their intentions.

Understanding where they are coming from will make a huge difference in your interactions. Imagine how much easier your conversations will go if you know not only what the other person is trying to communicate, but you also know how to present information so they understand it with ease. The power that will offer you will forever change the way you communicate and the relationships you build.

Understand yourself and what motivates you
Have you ever wondered why you react the way you do to certain things? Or why you do the things you do? As it turns out our actions and reactions are fairly predictable once we figure out what makes us tick. And surprisingly it’s not all that hard to figure out. Our behaviors and thought processes are a result of our experiences over time.

There are many ways NLP can help you better understand yourself. You can learn how you process information, what stories you tell yourself, and how you store memories of past events. By understanding these things you begin to be able to take control of them.

Being comfortable in new situations
Most of us experience a certain level of discomfort when entering new situations. Whether it’s visiting a new city, starting a new job or meeting your in laws for the first time, new situations tend to be stressful. And most of us don’t perform at our best when we’re stressed.

What if there was a way for you to walk into any new situation with confidence, knowing you had all the resources you needed to succeed, even excel, in that situation? Would you be calmer and less anxious as you walked into it? Wouldn’t it be nice to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you could handle any situation life throws at you? With the tools NLP offers you will find that new situations are no less comfortable than those activities you do every day.

Learning to work a room
Networking. The very word can make you uneasy. For many people the thought of attending a networking event, no matter how much it will help advance your business or career, is so unpleasant they will avoid it at all costs. And that’s often because they don’t know how to work a room.

NLP offers the skills and tools you need to successfully work a room, connect with people instantly, and create a memorable interaction that people will remember fondly. Learning the strategies to build relationships in very little time will give you the power and the confidence to attend any networking event or party with grace and ease.

Diffuse tense situations more easily
We all encounter situations that are tense. Whether it’s blatant tension between people or there is something more subtle going on, it seems everyone has occasion to need to know strategies for diffusing potentially difficult situations.

By learning and utilizing specific NLP skills and strategies you will be able to not only diffuse tense situations, you’ll often be able to help all parties involved to walk away satisfied. This is a very powerful skill to have and will make you loved by many for your cool head and calming effect on situations.

Persuade others without them feeling like they’re being persuaded
You know those conversations when you are trying to get someone to understand what you’re saying, or see your side of a situation, but they just won’t budge on their opinion? Whether you are trying to persuade them to do something or just trying to get them to see things from your point of view it seems that sometimes it’s a near impossible task.

By understanding how they process information, and paying attention to subtle cues that will tell you what and how they think you can actually have the upper hand in these conversations. By making subtle changes to your communication with them you can not only have an easier interaction, you will actually increase the chances of them seeing things from your perspective.

Making decisions
Some of us have a terrible time when it comes to making decisions. Not knowing which way to go, second guessing ourselves every step of the way and constantly looking for other people’s approval can tie us into knots and keep us from making even the easiest of decisions.

By creating solid decision making strategies, getting clear on our purpose and goals and understanding what makes us tick we can simplify any decision making process. Once we know what we are doing fits with our overall plan and purpose we can stop worrying about what others think and we can stop second guessing ourselves once we’ve made our decision.

Land that job you’ve been wanting
It is no secret that it’s a difficult job market right now. In fact, when you are looking for a job it seems that it is always a tough market out there. With more and more people looking for jobs it is important to stand out from the crowd, and one exceptionally powerful way to do that is to create memorable interactions with hiring managers.

NLP can teach you valuable tools to immediately connect with hiring managers, to instantly figure out what they are looking for, and present yourself in the best way possible to help you land that perfect job. What’s more, NLP will teach you how to look for and attract positions that are congruent with your life goals.

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