Discover Your True Potential with Our 21-Day Goals Course

This course guides you to congruence. Congruence means that all of you is aligned, and there is no holding back or hesitancy.

It comes from within and gives you lasting confidence that who you are and what you want is worth having.

Gain True Commitment

Taught by Tom Dotz, an NLP Master Practitioner and author of the best-selling book "NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this course will be delivered to you through our online content management system.

You will receive regular daily reminders in your inbox each Monday – Friday, with a weekend mindfulness suggestion on Saturdays.

Tom will monitor the chat throughout the week and be available to answer questions and provide additional thoughts.

Week 1 - What You'll Learn

This first week,, we will lay the foundation and framework for the course.

You will start by assessing where you are now, your context, and the place from which you started. Next, you will learn how to motivate yourself consistently by understanding your motivational styles.

Then, you will gain a valuable approach to relieving anxiety. Turning your dreams into achievable goals is the next lesson.

Week 2/3 - What You'll Learn

The second week focuses on building and enhancing your resources.

The last week supports you by letting others in your life support you.

You will get simple and effective ways of engaging people in supporting your goals. All of it is important and will be incredibly beneficial to you.

Unlock your personal power and achieve true commitment through our friendly and informative NLP training, led by Tom.

Stay on track and motivated with daily reminders and weekend mindfulness suggestions.

Control your destiny and overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, and achieve success with our life-changing NLP methods.

Joanne Kleynhans

“I found this title extremely insightful and well worth a re-read and a share. I wish I had read it years ago.”

Reint Jonker

“This worksheet was a real eye opener! Breaking it down into small steps made me realize I’m not that far from realizing my desired outcome. It’s manageable and achievable. A satisfying realization.”

Debbi Silverman

“I love the soundness, relevance & wisdom of your guidance & replies, Tom! I appreciate your support as we work through this program. :-)"

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21-Day Goal Getting Course



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