Anchors In Your World

If you played with this weeks’ Tip, you noticed how anchors already are and have been affecting you for your entire life, and affect you to this day.

Here’s another set of examples in this article by Seth Godin, a brilliant marketer and a very good writer.  The context is familiar to all of us:  Meetings! Yea!  He shows both how existing out of awareness anchors affect us, and how we can deliberately utilize this to get more of what we want.

Quiz:  Bonus Points:  How many specific examples of anchors are mentioned in the article? Enter your answer in “comments” 😉

How to organize the room
by Seth Godin

One more post about conferences. (Except it’s really about any meeting).

Easily overlooked, but incredibly important: the way you arrange the room where people speak.

The venue owner (hotel/convention center) wants something easy. Your boss wants something cheap. You want something tried and true so you don’t get blamed. The end result? Mediocrity. Boring sameness. What a wasted opportunity.

In the scheme of things, a great room at a conference is a bargain. Spending what it takes to make it work has a huge payoff. That said, here are some thoughts:

“What does this remind me of?”

That’s the subliminal question that people ask themselves as soon as they walk into a room. If it reminds us of a high school cafeteria, we know how to act. If it’s a bunch of round tables set for a chicken dinner, we know how to act. And if there are row upon row of hotel-type chairs in straight lines, we know how to sit and act glazed.  Continued:  Click Here

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