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A Strategy For Responding to Criticism

Along with this week’s story about benefiting from feedback I thought it appropriate to include this gem from “The NLP Portable Practitioner Training” Section 4, Strategies.  It’s generally useful when dealing with feedback to have a really good strategy for discerning feedback from attack and for dealing with it effectively. A Strategy for Responding to …

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The Good Guys

Last week, we shared Coach Lisa’s exercise on the “Inside Family.” Today, I want to share her process on building a more supportive “soundtrack” for your life.  I call it “The Good Guys.” Even those of us who are Master NLP’ers still have self-talk that we are largely unaware of, that is not positive and …

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You Can’t Lose Bad Habits?

Lately I have noticed with increasing frequency and delight the number of instances of discoveries and principles and understandings first generated in the field of NLP that are now becoming known and verified by mainstream Western science. It was in NLP that the understanding that people

Steve’s Healing Story: Reducing Physical Trauma

Perhaps one of the most well known NLP processes is the phobia-trauma process. Usually associated with relieving psychological trauma, NLP has many applications in the physical arena as well. Continuing our series on NLP in everyday life, this week’s story by Steve Andreas, co-founder of NLP Comprehensive, describes using NLP to reduce the affects of …

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