Excellence and the Olympics

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about motivation and excellence. I’m not sure if that’s because my youngest recently graduated from high school so her future is on my mind a lot, if it has to do with the Olympics, or if it’s just a theme for me right now. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely been front of mind lately!

The Olympics were on in my house an awful lot while they were taking place. I have some sports fans in my house, and they seem to get even more fanatic every 2 years when the Olympics come on. Does that happen to you? Not sure why, but it’s pretty reliable around here.

Anyway, what I enjoy most are reading the stories of the athletes. So many have overcome struggle and strife. It always reminds me of the strength of the human spirit, what a person who is committed to a goal can accomplish.

Then it inevitably gets me thinking about the Well Formed Outcome and the Outcome Frame…one of my favorite things NLP teaches early on. How to set and create goals that are appealing and keep you working for them, without feeling like you’re working!

I wonder if these high level athletes go through the actual WFO process, or if they do some sort of variation of it. It’s fascinating to me to imagine what they do to reach their goals.

A while back my daughter interviewed someone on the Olympic kayaking team. She was 15 years old and was so incredibly sure that she was living her life’s purpose.

She had more confidence about that than a lot of adults I know! It was pretty cool to hear her talk about it, and the sacrifices she makes to be successful.


To be the best!

She didn’t complain about early mornings or late nights. Missed time out with friends or days spent doing homework so she could train on the weekends. There was no griping about cold waters during training season or baking sun during competitive season.

It was just excitement.

And clarity.

What a gift to know, to be so sure, at such a young age of what you are supposed to be doing. Of what you want to be doing.

And to enjoy so much of it!

What would it be like if, every day, you woke up excited for every part of your day? If there weren’t any parts of your day that were worthy of complaint?

How would your days, your energy, your outlook change?

If you’re curious, and you’d like to try it out, click here and learn more about the Outcome Frame! See what is possible for your days.

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