Anchoring with Tom Best

Anchoring is one of the powerful and subtle NLP models. Ever wonder why an innocent comment or gesture provoked a response all out of proportion? You may have unknowingly ‘fired’ an anchor. You do this all the time. You just don’t know you’re doing it.
While learning it well as a tool is strong, just gaining an awareness of anchoring and anchors will serve you and save you. Ten or twenty minutes to gain or renew your awareness can save you from the effects of accidental anchoring, and from being manipulated by intentional anchors.
In this holiday season, people are getting anchors fired all the time. Taking ten or twenty minutes to review this video may just make one small thing easier for you. It may just save one small mistake, or one small – or large – misstep.
Anchoring is also one of the easiest NLP models to use in everyday life. Both to program yourself for more of the behaviors you want, and to program responses you want from others.
It is also one of the most powerful. Anchoring was the first NLP model that Tony Robbins really mastered. He’s used it most successfully in his development, and he’s done very well.
So enjoy Tom Best’s presentation. It’s a clip from our Practitioner Training Home Study program, the “NLP Portable Practitioner Training” featured in our new book, “NLP: The Essential Guide”
Anchoring: Explaining and Demonstrating Kinesthetic (touch) Anchoring
You’ll get a fuller explanation, and on the page following. Click Arrow to start video

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