NLP Phobia Treatment

Neurolinguistic Programming in the treatment of phobias

Author: Einspruch, Eric L.; Forman, Bruce D.

Year of publication: 1988
Publishing house / periodical / university: Psychotherapy in private practice, 6(1), p.91-100

This article evaluated a program for treating phobias based on R. Bandler and J. Grinder’s (1979) Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian approaches to psychotherapy within the context of a multifaceted treatment program. Thirty-one phobic patients seen in group/class treatment programs completed Mark’s Phobia Questionnaire and Fear Inventory and the Beck Depression Inventory before and after 8 weeks of treatment. Seventeen patients seen in individual therapy completed part of the phobia questionnaire before and after treatment. Results indicate marked improvement by those who were treated. Findings suggest that NLP holds promise for becoming an important set of therapeutic techniques for treating phobias.

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