Markets Tumble, People Stumble, and How NLP Helps You Get Up Again

Stopping by the office last Friday the phones were ringing and things were hopping. Unusual for a Friday afternoon, that’s for sure, but then interest has been up a lot lately.

So I picked up a call and had a great (and to me classic) conversation with someone who, like you, is interested in how NLP could help them next.

I say a classic call because it followed one of three standard paths.

1) There’s the person who’s new to NLP and wants to know what’s in it for them, and how to get started.

2) There’s the person who is already knowledgeable – knows what’s in it for them, and wants some advice on the next class or book or steps to take.

3) Then there’s the person, like this man, who had started to explore, realized there was real value for him, and then life happened and he got distracted.

As he put it, “Well, then business got better, so I stopped looking at NLP. Now things have really turned down again and I was wondering how NLP might help me today.”

What’s interesting is how common this is. In fact, in NLP we describe human motivation as moving between “away from” motivation and “towards” motivation. Away from: the hot burning pain. Towards: the unadulterated pleasure.

Most people are happy just to stay out of pain. Once things in life are at least comfortable, people seem happy to just relax and sit still. This is why standout success has more to do with motivation than talent.

This pretty much describes the Bush era of easy credit. While jobs and businesses may not have been making real gains, there was enough easy money sloshing around to allow us to ignore the hard facts. For individuals, businesses, and governments this meant living on easy credit instead of generating real income.

Then in what seems to have been a very short period of time – just six months or so – the whole house of cards came tumbling down.

We have unemployment that’s higher than any time since the 70’s. Retirement and dreams of financial independence seem, for a lot of folks, to have gone the way of the Republican Party (or as of today, the Democrats – need any more proof that fame and power are fleeting? ๐Ÿ™‚

There are many more ways to achieve happiness and personal security than waiting for the government to fix the economy (good luck with that plan).

Because my bailiwick and charter with you is to discuss and demonstrate how and where NLP can be important to you in your life, I’ll skip the ways to improve your finances. There are numerous far better sources.

Instead, I’m going to go directly to what financial prosperity is supposed to bring you: happiness.

Well, isn’t that your real goal? You may think of it as freedom to travel or freedom from debts, or a dream house or perfect mate.

The facts are that all externals come and go, even relationships. They can be taken away without your consent at any time, even when you have done everything right.

Consider all the sincerely hardworking, smart, dedicated people at Lehman Brothers. Then in one weekend they lost it all. They had nothing to say about it and even less they could do to stop it.

When even highly sophisticated financial managers, so called “Masters of the Universe”, can have their wealth stripped away in 48 hours, how much do you want to depend on wealth for happiness?

How much of your happiness and satisfaction do you want depending on outside events and elements over which you have little or no control?

Please understand me: I enjoy a fine meal, sailing on my boat, traveling, freedom from punching a clock for someone else, as much as anyone.

Financial freedom is a very good place to be. Having disposable income is certainly more fun than not having it – and boy, have I had experiences of both.

What is important to you about NLP is that it gives you the tools to have a powerful internal stability and resilience. It gives you solid ways to keep you confident of your value no matter how an abstraction like “the economy” – or “your economy” – is doing.

The tougher times are on the outside, the more important it is that you maintain your emotional resilience and stability. That is what gives you the ability to see and seize the opportunities that arise. That is what gives you the ability to keep your mind when all about you are losing theirs.

This is an area where NLP shines. With NLP you can easily learn to effectively and almost automatically maintain attitudes that keep you moving in the direction you want to go. Like every great learning experience, this gives you assets that no financial crisis or depression can take away.

So where to start? What are your next steps? Like I said, we have ways for all three categories.

1) You just want to find out what NLP can do that’s important to you.

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0 thoughts on “Markets Tumble, People Stumble, and How NLP Helps You Get Up Again”

  1. Tom – nice but you are writing like “all apples are red”. Different people sort differently. Some sort towards and have to be moved to away from. If towards is not a great place to be then we change their strategies. NLP101. First and foremost is to find out what that strategy is and why it isn’t working for that particular person. We do not lump every human being on planet Earth into the away from strategy. I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS!!

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Thanks for pointing out the need for some clarification. My description was meant to describe a spectrum. “…we describe human motivation as moving between…”
    Perhaps “moving along” or “positioned somewhere along” may have been a better locution. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, not every person is primarily “away from”. In my experience, fewer numbers of people are towards the “towards” end of the spectrum. Usually the extreme example of “towards” motivation is challenged by so many desires that conflicts arise and a different kind of dysfunction ensues.

    My experience is what I described: that most people are primarily motivated by moving away from pain. Lighting a match under someone will usually get them moving faster than offering an ice cream cone.

    Yes, that is a generalization. Generalizations are so named because they are generally accurate, but not always. Further, motivation may also be context specific, e.g. what primarily motivates me to choose a career may differ from what motivates me in my choice of a dwelling.

    We could also distinguish between motivation as a strategy and motivation as a meta-program. Maybe a topic for a future article. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Best regards,

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