The NLP 45 Minute Enlightenment Process

Because NLP is about having the change and transformation you want now, one of my favorite processes is Core Transformation. This is one of the most thorough and comprehensive NLP models for accomplishing major life changes.

It’s been widely praised by the experts:

“The way to a man and woman’s heart is through this book. CORE TRANSFORMATION will help you turn your limitations inside out, enabling you to experience yourself in a way you never dreamed possible.” –Michele Weiner-Davis, author, Divorce Busting

“Core Transformation is a brilliant book about a brilliant process. It quickly takes you to the core of your being.”  –Jack Canfield, author, Chicken. Soup for the Soul

“This book will take your there. Compassionately, clearly and interestingly written, with just the right balance of idea and procedure. There is no Limit to the good CORE TRANSFORMATION could end up doing.” – Hugh Prather, author, Notes to Myself

And people just like you:

“… one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done. It allowed me to release beating myself up and to forgive myself.”
-Derek Lucas,  Hyattsville, MD

“… Since I did [Core Transformation] I am not the same person. I look at the world around in a different way, having a Core state as a basis of my perception of everything around. There is no more fear, just appreciation for all the wonders of life..”

What a treat! I will use this for the rest of my life and career, (It) is so valid and powerful.” Ellie Simmons, RPP, RPE, Colorado, USA

I achieved a deeper state in just the second day of the seminar than I have in ten years of diligent meditation practice.” Vishali Tarbi, Oakland, CA

Core Transformation takes you on a healing inner journey to the depths of your being. You’ll be guided in simple steps, through which your limitations become the doorway to powerfully transforming states of being that most people describe in terms such as “inner peace” “love” or “oneness.”

Through the Core Transformation process, these states become your new foundation for living. With these states uncovered in the specific way you’ll learn in the training, many limitations melt away, and even deeply-entrenched problems often unravel and dissolve.

Core Transformation is the signature NLP process designed by Connirae Andreas and made available in book form and as an intimately transformative seminar.

Connirae’s sister, Tamara Andreas, was instrumental both in writing the book, and in developing and refining the 3-day Seminar so that it comes to you in a format that really works for personal transformation.

We presented this in February to a completely outstanding response. So it is being offered once more for you, personally taught by Tamara and her staff. This September in Boulder, Colorado.

Many previous attendees have said that this is a life-changing experience.  It has been highly recommended by authors, experts, and the people who attended!

Attendance is limited, so if you don’t already know why this is for you, go to the website here or call Sharon at 800-233-1657 and find out more!

Best Regards,

Tom Dotz

PS: Can’t attend in person? Go here to find your other options:

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