Tom Best

In Memoriam: Tom Best, Senior Trainer and very good friend, had a totally unexpected brain hemorrhage and passed away on Tuesday April 24, 2012.
Tom was one of the first trainers with NLP Comprehensive. He worked with the company for over twenty five years. He is survived by his beloved wife Bobbie, whom he met at our NLP Practitioner Training in the summer of 1987, and legions of friends and students. He touched the world widely. If you wish to express your sympathies, [email protected] or on Facebook at “The Grace Of Tom Best”
His background in cultural anthropology and work with indigenous people allowed him to investigate the connections between NLP and traditional or “primitive” cultural practices. He was particularly interested in the interface between personal identity and the cultural matrix from which it evolves. His legacy and teaching style live on in his many students, and in videos like the “Portable Practitioner Training

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