Questioning Authority

Back in the 1960’s a  popular slogan on posters and bumper stickers was “Question Authority.”  It was directed outward, at the strictures and the authority to impose them of government and organizations – church, school, the “cool kids,” television and movies, books, art, and yes, science.

In the language studies of NLP we learn some useful ways to challenge authority, and perhaps more useful, how to recognize internal “authorities” who are imposing limits on us without our awareness.

Today’s simple suggestion – protip and newbie – is this:  tune your ears for the dread “should.”   It’s one of the warning words revealing that authority is being asserted rather than present conscious choice.  Notice it whether you’re hearing it inside or outside, listening or reading, watching TV. (Politicians and Preachers are particularly good sources).  Then simply respond with the awareness phrase “according to whom?”  Was it that second grade teacher’s voice, your Mom’s, a friend?  Was it really a rule you had chosen – and if so, is it still appropriate?

One of the founders of NLP, John Grinder, used to say “trust your unconscious – but train it first.”  Our unconscious can be a powerful ally, or a hindrance.  It really depends on who’s rules have programmed it.  NLP is a powerful tool for recognizing how your unconscious behaviors are programmed, and changing them.

This simple practice is a great starter and periodic clean up and tune up for your self awareness and liberation from old and no longer useful rules and limitations.

Taken from the “Meta Model” section of the “Living Encyclopedia” Home Practitioner Program.

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PPS: Almost forgot.  Recently I had a chat with a graduate of our Immersion Practitioner who had gone on to take her Master Practitioner from one of the “big names” in NLP.  The training was located only an hour from her home, and that convenience factor overwhelmed her other criteria.

She found herself one of hundreds in a large room where the trainer was just a little figure on a stage in the distance.  She said she was first disappointed at the lack of personal attention and mentoring she was used to from our programs.  Then she realized as the training went along that she had already learned at least 80% of what they called “Advanced Mastery” material in our Practitioner Immersion Program!

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a story like this.  Really learning NLP is difficult in a ‘rock star’ arena.  That’s a great format for entertainment – and state elicitation – but not so great for learning.  And you realize pretty fast that calling something “Advanced” is a truly relative statement. 😉

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