Ease and Grace: Resolving Internal Obstacles

New video clips: Resolving Obstacles; Personal Ecology; Getting and Having Congruence.

Posted these clips for you from the (rapidly disappearing) “NLP Portable Practitioner Training

These are some great shorts demonstrating how NLP can be used to free you from obstacles seen or unseen. You’ll also be able to easily imagine how this can expand to serve your desire to make a difference in the world.
Naturally you’re smart enough to know that to acquire the skills and knowledge to really have that power takes more than watching a few short videos or reading a book or two.

As you know, this is our purpose: to provide for you the deep quality of NLP that makes it possible to make the difference you want. I

It’s ultimately true that only you can decide if the time is right for you to immerse yourself and take the next steps.

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Now here are your samples of this for today:

Resolving Internal Obstacles: What Stops You.

Frequently when you find yourself blocked from getting the changes you want it’s due to an “internal incongruence.”
It’s like there is a part of you that just doesn’t want to go along with the change.
In this 3:18 video Jan Prince, Senior Trainer with NLP Comprehensive, shows you how to know when this is what it is.

How Neglecting Ecology Affects You:

Another way of understanding is the metaphor of personal ecology. In this clip Adam Reynolds, NLP Comprehensive, points out the importance of honoring your personal ecology. He shows you how neglecting your “personal ecology” can be the thing that has frustrated you.

Moving Beyond: Getting and Having Internal Congruence

Overcoming obstacles is a whole lot easier when you recognize what is blocking you. Tom Best, Senior Trainer with NLP Comprehensive, demonstrates a simple process achieving what we call “Internal Congruence”  8:29

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