The Eyes Have It

Here’s Tom Best in a clip from “The NLP Portable Practitioner Training” Defining and Demonstrating the famous NLP Eye Accessing Cues! LIke it? Give us a thumbs up on YouTube!

NLP Eye Accessing Cues

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  1. Jerry Richardson

    I have been through Tom’s eye accessing cues in the Living Encyclopedia and it is one of the most useful tools that I have. It gives clues when nothing else seems to be evident.

    Case in point, just yesterday. I’m speaking with an asian lady who is visibly incongruent. The reason she came to see me was to seek help for her son who is caught up in the alcohol/drug lifestyle. The physiology was there, wringing of hands, shifting leg position, but her words were not giving me much clue as to what main channel she was communicating in. I simply started to ask a few questions, based on my experience as a former alcoholic. When she related to some of the dysfunctional activities that I spoke of, her eyes immediately went up and to the right, visually remembering some of the unpleasant experiences. I immediately responded to her in a visual manner … “What would it look like if your son etc. etc. Can you get a picture of etc. etc. and her eyes went up to the left, visually constructing a picture.

    Within 5 minutes we had a state of rapport, and her son is scheduled to come see me next week.

    Good Stuff Tom !!!!!

  2. Nice utilitzation, Jerry!

    People easily get so excited about the later developments in NLP they lose sight 😉 of the effectiveness of the basic elements.

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