The Good Guys

Last week, we shared Coach Lisa’s exercise on the “Inside Family.”

Today, I want to share her process on building a more supportive “soundtrack” for your life.  I call it “The Good Guys.”

Even those of us who are Master NLP’ers still have self-talk that we are largely unaware of, that is not positive and supportive. Disciplining yourself to a daily practice of befriending your inner self pays off big!

The alternative is like driving through life with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake: Takes a lot longer to get where you’re going (it also burns a lot of energy and is hard on the car).

Here’s the process:

  1. Imagine one of your “naysayer” critic’s voices. What is it saying?  Notice the tonality, the pitch, the volume, the tempo.
  2. Now, think of someone who is a great inspiration and mentor.  Imagine that person talking to you about an important goal that you have, or perhaps a mistake that you have made.  Hear their inspiring tonality, pitch, and tempo.
  3. Now, imagine the “naysayer” is speaking to you in this NEW way, with their voice tone and tempo and pitch. Perhaps the “message” changes to be softer, more thoughtful, more ? Maybe it’s in the form of a question now?
  4. Create and anchor a “Good Guy” (or 2 or 3!) who interrupts the naysayers that run on in your head and beat you up.  Imagine the next week … including some of the stresses and disappointments you may face … with the Good Guys as your coaches. What changes?
  5. Repeat and practice often.

Waking up to how we really “talk to ourselves” is a critical step in cultivating greater success.

Get more of your “good guys” on your side and watch immediate change unfolding for you now!

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