The Vision Grabbed Us One Day

Our world today is on the cusp of an incredibly exciting and precarious time – one in which people are increasingly questioning and seeking a life of meaning, purpose, and contribution. There is a greater call for both sincere intention and depth of skill to facilitate a higher quality life and work experience – for individuals, their teams, and their organizations. We see a great need for leaders and people who can effectively guide transformation and change that aligns with the times. People who see that a “flat world,” technology, the internet, changing demographics – are converging to create a new set of complex, emerging challenges and opportunities.

Over the past 12 years in working with large-scale business change efforts, we have witnessed inspiring evolution in leaders. We have seen spectacular failures and dark moments. We have observed how lack of commitment, skill, or readiness can unravel a promising vision. We know how difficult change can be for people – especially when applied to teams or organizations. And, how the increasingly complex world that business, non-profits, and government systems operate in, makes it paradoxically harder than ever for people to get aligned, motivated, and moving in a common direction.

From this place … a vision has grabbed us … one that won’t let go until it has left us completely empty, used up, and of the highest possible service.

It is a vision to develop a community of great “change leaders.” (The New Technology of Change workshop is only the beginning.) There are so many well-intentioned people with heart trying to build more effective, sustainable organizations and teams. Many have had NLP training, but want deeper skill of how to apply it to groups and teams. Others are looking for a way to make change easier. Still others want basic skills in helping people to want change.

The change agents we want to work with are committed to ongoing learning. They know that being a “change agent” is a tough calling (We have all asked ourselves at some point: “Wouldn’t it be easier to landscape yards or own a fish market?”). This calling requires consistent willingness to examine one’s ego … to be simultaneously courageous and humble … to continuously develop top-notch communication skills. And, this calling tends to attract people with big dreams and visions … but also who have a tendency toward being “lone wolves.” And, that makes it harder to create full impact.

We want to do this differently. Combining three decades of NLP expertise, commitment to spiritual practice, and business leadership tools, we have a vision of a learning community of change agents who want to lead organizational change differently, in a way that creates better, easier results. We want this to be a shared learning (we sure don’t know everything!). And, we want to teach people what we have learned about how to better work at the level of beliefs and identity, to facilitate true transformational change within teams and in organizations. This is both a gift of service and a call to action for others to join. Together, we really are so much more powerful than any one of us can be alone.

We believe this is the time – our time – to collectively lead the next level of evolution of the human spirit.

This vision is a calling and a responsibility: “It’s our job to wake people up …. Help them understand what’s possible … and reliably do that in a way that is effective and well-received.”

If you feel the same way, please share in this vision of change. Engage with us: Give us feedback on the concept. Ideas or topics you have read about or want to read about (ie, on our blog). Interest in our April workshop (April 30-May 2). Ways that you would engage with this community, now or in the future (Webinar series? Facebook?). Whatever is on your mind, we want to hear from you!
Email “tell me more” to [email protected] … and let the dialogue begin.
Thanks for taking the time to allow us share our vision.
And, we wish you well in building yours, too.

Sincere regards,

Lisa Jackson and Gerry Schmidt

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