There’ll Never Be Another…

There’ll Never Be Another…2010.

So, whatever hopes or expectations you had for this year have now occurred. Now you have another chance – it’s time to plan for 2011.

Blah, blah, blah.

That’s what everyone else is talking about. All the commentators, bloggers and columnists who have to come up with something “timely” to write about this week. They’re all talking about how we have a brand New Year to plan.

Not me. I had something more important to point out.

And it’s this:

There will never be another You. Not in this universe, not before the end of time.

You are unique – there has never been another You, and there never will be. You are an original, and only you can choose how your life will unfold.

You could start next year.

Or even tomorrow. Or today at lunch. At any moment we can choose to take charge of our personal destiny.

And to mark the point of change, the New Year is a pretty good bookmark.

I was thinking about myself this way today. And noticing that although I’m a “salty old grandpa” and have been around for a while, I can STILL use the New Year to mark the tides of my life.

And I can choose to change my world for the better, by changing myself.

Now, I have a lot of experience with New Year’s resolutions. Boy, if I had kept even 10% of them I would probably be unbearable!

But with the things I’ve learned about how brains work (even MY brain) I’m hopeful that I can make some small change in my pattern in January.

Say, getting up at a slightly different time to allow for exercise. Just that one change. Fifteen minutes, maybe. But I’ll do it every weekday.

After a month – if I can be consistent – it will become a habit.

Then I can add another small change in my pattern. For the month of February.

Maybe another morning ritual, or maybe just making a point of looking people in the eye and thanking them for – whatever. Opening doors, handing me my change, serving me coffee, anything that people do for me which I have taken for granted. That would sure add more gratitude in my life.

By the first of March I will have TWO new changes in my pattern, both becoming automated as habits.

If I’m careful and attentive. Then I might just choose to add a new habit every month!

No stress. No big revolutionary changes. Just small choices – like little deposits in a savings account.

And by next December, who knows? You know what happens to a savings account when you make regular deposits for a year?

The money in the account earns interest. And the more you put in there, the more interest it grows.

The same thing happens with little – PERMANENT – changes, when they are added to each other for a year.

By this time next year, my one-of-a-kind life will probably be more like I want to be.

I invite you to consider it. Instead of the big “impossible dream” resolutions that seem to fade before the Spring comes. Just little changes each month, one on top of the other, till you have a pretty good life.

Happy New Year,

Tom Hoobyar

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