Why NLP Training? Tom’s Story

“I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company” -Victor Kiam, Remington Electric

Over the years many people have asked me what’s important about NLP training.  What did I get out of it, how did I get involved in the first place?  So let me tell you my story.

It was a tough year.

Within four months, a successful business I had spent five years building went under.  My wife of 18 years left me, and we had a major earthquake.

A 7.2 quake, it was stronger than the recent Haiti quake.  It destroyed our downtown, killed several people, damaged both my houses, and many homes of people I knew. (One fireplace was leaning about six inches away from my house.  Real nice feeling that gives you, every time you walk by. 🙂

So there I was, alone, no income, loss and destruction all around me.

I was somewhat embittered and stuck.  I’d followed the rules, did the ten – twelve hour days, even brought in the second round of financing (five million) for the parent company.  As one of the three initial employees, I was rewarded with a retail franchise.

The parent company grew from $250,000 its first month to $20 million a month in thirty-six months. Then it blew up in just five months, making my franchise worthless. I had invested a large chunk of my life in a venture that simply vanished.

We were heading into a recession and the economy wasn’t that great.  Yet somehow, however, I didn’t go rushing out chasing the next job I could find.

I had done that one more than enough.  I decided instead to invest some time and money in myself first.

So I took a couple of books and a week and went on a self-designed personal retreat.  One of the books was “Know How” by Leslie Cameron Bandler, one of the co-developers of NLP.  This book is a series of programs for evaluating what is important to you, what is critical to your happiness, and how to create a plan to achieve that.

The most valuable result for me was a set of filters, of criteria, for my next business.  I became very clear and specific about what I wanted to do next.  That made it simple to evaluate new possibilities, both business and personal.

Given my recent experience, this was even more compelling to me.  I didn’t want a repeat of time and life spent in pursuit of a dream I didn’t share.

A few weeks later, a local therapist was offering free seminars to help people over the trauma of the earthquake.  My soon-to-be-ex wife attended one, and remarked on what an amazing experience it was.

That therapist was Robert McDonald, who introduced me to NLP Comprehensive’s NLP.   This was clear, concise, and powerful.  I could get changes I wanted, I could learn the processes rapidly, and I could use them with other people, too.

I was already familiar with NLP.  I’d had some good and some disappointing experiences with it. With one of the founders of NLP, I experienced what I call my “Chinese dinner” seminar:  I had a great time, but three days later, I was hungry again.  I didn’t really know what, if anything, I had learned.

When I finally experienced high quality NLP training, I knew I had to get more.  So I decided to take the summer training with NLP Comprehensive.  (Yes, I liked it so much I finally bought the company.)

You see, I had the time of my life.  In this gorgeous location, we were led through intense and exciting processes every day.  I met a lot of amazing people, people committed to living fully.  Together we were learning new skills that were immediately useful and applied.  We came away with a stock of tools and processes to help us further build the lives of our dreams.

On my return, I started my next business.  In three years, it was profitable.  In four years, it was one of the largest of its kind in the US.

Oh, and I found myself surrounded there, too, with bright, fun, attractive people.  While my wife and I did divorce, it was about as amicable as could be.  Nice bonus, wouldn’t you say?

How did the NLP Comprehensive training contribute?  I experienced changing a situation just by changing my response to it.

I learned to use my existing skills in new ways and new contexts, and I learned and applied new skills that made the difference. I learned and experienced the tools right there in the training and saw, heard, and felt them work for my fellow students and me.   It’s an accelerated experience.    I came away with a full toolbox to build the life I wanted, instead of a life that happened to me.

What about you?  Is this the time to get on with your life?

These tools, created by the trainers and developers of NLP Comprehensive, have led to the biggest selling NLP books of all time.  They’ve led to the most imitated NLP trainings worldwide.  They’ve helped literally tens of thousands of people move into the life they want with grace and ease.  You’ll meet and work with some of those very trainers this summer at Winter Park.

This is where your journey to fulfillment can begin, if you choose to take the first steps.  You’re already here at the source of the best NLP resources on the web.  So take a few minutes and start your exploration now.

Go here and check out the NLP Comprehensive Summer Residential Training.

See video of our trainers:  “See For Yourself NLP Video” 14 Quick Clips, 5 Complete Demonstrations (refresh page to see them all). http://www.nlpco.com/nlp-video/

And if you want to get started right now, check out the Home Study Version:

Best regards,
Tom Dotz

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