NLP Predicates in Media

Computer analysis of sensory predicate use in written and oral communication

Author: Durand, Douglas; Wetzel, John; Hansen, Anita

Year of publication:
Publishing house / periodical / university: Psychological Reports; Oct Vol 65(2) 675-684

49 employees from all operational levels of a manufacturing firm communicated with researchers 3 times in the following forms: a written reply to a letter, a telephone conversation discussing the written reply, and a written electronic mail message. The samples were transcribed into a computer file for processing by the Rapport Augmentation Program, which uses a neuroliguistic programming technique to access sensory predicate (SPD) patterns. SPDs were detected in all 3 communication modes, but were detected significantly more often in spoken than in written communication. Results support the union of information technology with SPD matching to improve written communication.

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