Tom Dotz

Tom Dotz, CEO of NLP Comprehensive, has studied NLP since 1978 and is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and Health Practitioner.


An entrepreneur at heart, Tom has started multiple small businesses in various industries. He founded the NLP Institute of California in 1990, growing it to the largest organization of its kind in the U.S. in four years. Tom acquired NLP Comprehensive in 1998 subsequently selling the NLP Institute of California to two respected colleagues.


NLP Comprehensive offered Tom a chance to preserve and grow one of the most valuable and respected institutions in Neurolinguistic Programming. Starting with NLP Comprehensive’s real e-commerce site in 1998, to going digital with audio and video titles, he continues to be a leader in the industry through new trainings, structure, and products the company produces.


In the fall of 2017, Tom recorded the audiobook version of NLP: The Essential Guide and in the summer of 2020, he launched a new virtual NLP training program: Hack Your Brain for Lasting Success. He is passionate about building awareness and creating learning opportunities around NLP for the general public while continuing to make a difference in his and coaching and living the world through NLP.

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