Charles Faulkner

Charles is one of the real modelers and thinkers in the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He famously used NLP modeling to discover the mix of mental and emotional skills required for superior decision making and action. His studies of futures traders are featured in numerous interviews in books and journals, including The New Market Wizards (1992), The Intuitive Trader (1996), and Trend Following (2004).


His other modeling projects include a study of physician decision strategies used by 3M, modeling of a software testing designer’s methodology for Hewlett Packard, modeling of how a corporation creates a culture for IBM, and his latest application of NLP is around the five dimensions of natural decision making.


Charles is also the author or co-author of 10 NLP titles including co-editing with Steve Andreas, the best seller NLP: The New Technology of Achievement. He has also produced an audio series on how metaphors affect identity, influence, and change in individuals and organizations, and combined NLP and Systems Dynamics in his experiential coaching tool Trimurti (2001).


Throughout all these activities, Charles maintains a connection with leading academics in cognitive science and linguistics, using these cutting-edge insights to advance and inform NLP.


Recently Charles has been honored with an appointment as a Visiting Senior Fellow in the University of Surrey School of Management where he will be working with Professors Paul Tosey and Jane Mathison developing the UK NLP Research Program. His contributions will include his knowledge and applications of Cognitive Linguistics and Neuroscience to NLP as well as substantiating research in Behavioral Finance and Natural Decision Making.

My CD's

The Essence of Intuition

In this unique audio seminar, Charles Faulkner demonstrates how all ideas start as intuitions.

Submodalities: An Inside View of Your Mind

Faulkner guides you to discover a new world of experience, a world you may have thought you knew very well.

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