Steve Andreas

For over 40 years Steve Andreas continued to research, write, and develop vibrant new NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) based therapeutic approaches and processes. He earned an M.A. in psychology from Brandeis University under Abraham Maslow, founded and ran Real People Press, a publisher focused on personal change, for 30 years. As the editor and publisher, in 1979 he created the first popular NLP book, Frogs Into Princes, which sold over 750,000 copies.


In 1979, Steve founded NLP Comprehensive in Colorado with his wife Connirae sponsoring the first-ever NLP training certification. Together, they co-authored two books, Change Your Mind—And Keep the Change (1987) and Heart of the Mind (1989).


He has written numerous articles and produced video and audio programs, and wrote a biography of one of America’s path-breaking relationships therapists, Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic (1991).


His most recent and final book was Transforming Negative Self-Talk, published by W. W. Norton & Company. Steve is known as one of the most prolific NLP author and publisher in the world, and after a long and satisfying life, he passed away in November of 2018.

My Books and Audio

Trainer's Edition Practitioner Trainer Manual

Originally created for NLP Comprehensive Trainers only, this is the original Andreas NLP Comprehensive 24 Day Practitioner Training Trainer's Manual.

Building Self Concept

Beyond Self-Esteem, the power of the self-concept in motivating and directing a person’s behavior has been recognized for years.

Recreating Yourself

In both of these you'll discover what your identity is made of, how it functions, and how to use this knowledge to change how you think of yourself.

Decision Destroyer

The "Decision Destroyer" is recognized as one of the more impactful sumbodalities patterns.

The Forgiveness Pattern

This CD set presents a very effective process for dealing with anger and resentment - and reaching a state of forgiveness.

A Strategy for Responding to Criticism

Learn how to take feedback comfortably without blowing your stack or feeling bad.

Resolving Shame

Experts acknowledge shame as a root cause of many difficulties - including alcoholism, drug abuse, and codependence.

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