Elements of Your Goals to Consider

Atomic Habits or Big Life-Affirming Goals?  Why not both? A couple of different approaches have proven effective in achieving goals, and motivation is essential to all of them.  One approach is the Tiny Little Habits approach, popularized in the “Atomic Habits” book.  This method involves adding one little tiny habit at a time.   Over […]

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Six-Step Reframing – An NLP Process

Negotiating and Resolving Conflicts, Internal and External: Framing, Reframing, and the Six-Step Process You’ve heard of “framing” in the context of politics, marketing, and areas where influencing people is a primary concern. In any context, the party setting the frame has preempted the permissible dialogue. For instance, in the area of politics, the Republican party

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The Next Step in Perceptual Positions

Have you ever felt like, even though you understand and have practiced perceptual positions, sometimes they don’t make changes by themselves?  Like sometimes you need something else, another bucket than the three standard positions? Perceptual positions are a core distinction in NLP, one that is used in multiple processes and techniques. Our perceptual positions guide

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There’s Always An Alternative

When NLP started practitioners usually only got to work with friends, college students, and really tough situations.  Friends because they’re around, and tough challenges because the established practitioners, whatever the field, will usually only give up the ones they’ve given up on. Oh, and college students because they’re available, work cheap, and will follow almost

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Your Brain on Leadership? Assess Yourself!

I just read a great article “Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership” from the September 2008 issue of Harvard Business Review.  It details fascinating new research by Daniel Goleman of “emotional intelligence” (EQ) fame. The emerging field of social neuroscience — the study of what happens in the brain while people interact — will be

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