Tracy Hoobyar

Tracy Hoobyar
Tracy Hoobyar
Director of Operations

Tracy Hoobyar is a Certified Master & Health practitioner of NLP, and is our Director of Operations. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno, graduating with honors. 
As the daughter of a NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Tracy’s experience of growing up around NLP helps her to have a deep understanding not only of NLP, but of the journey people travel while learning about neurolinguistic programming and integrating it into their lives.
Tracy’s coaching practice has focused on helping people living with the ADHD brain style, parents who are struggling to understand and connect with their children, and business owners working to expand and grow their businesses.
Her active involvement and oversight of the NLP Cafe keeps her current and in touch with those who are eager to learn about NLP and how it can best help them in their life. Her passion for helping people integrate and implement NLP in their lives is what drives her to work with clients, other coaches and business owners to help them realize their full potential and enjoy the twists and turns life hands them.
As a business owner and successful entrepreneur Tracy became adept at identifying challenges and strategies to overcome them. She has implemented NLP in all areas of her life. She has found that utilizing NLP strategies and techniques at work, in business and at home has allowed her to navigate the waters of life as a working mother, wife, daughter, caretaker, business owner and coach.
As an author and coach Tracy draws heavily on her life experience and her training in NLP, both formal and informal.

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  1. Thanks for the information about NLP, Tracy. I’ve read some books about meta cognition and it sounds very similar to neurolinguistic programming (aka – ALP). The way that we think about and communicate with ourselves can potentially make significant attitude changes. I’m going to look more into NLP training to see if it can help me.

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