Magic, Misdirection, And Emerging Science Behind NLP

In the NYT today is another of the reports I’m finding more and more of these days.  The theories behind NLP that were so outre when first proposed 30 years ago are now being re-proposed and validated with increasing frequency by mainstream science particularly in the field of neuroscience.

Here’s a lovely and simple example one such study of how we construct our inner reality.  The folowing paragraph in particular could have been taked directly from an NLP introduction:

“One theory of perception, for instance, holds that the brain builds representations of the world, moment to moment, using the senses to provide clues that are fleshed out into a mental picture based on experience and context. The brain uses neural tricks to do this: approximating, cutting corners, instantaneously and subconsciously choosing what to “see” and what to let pass, neuroscientists say. Magic exposes the inseams, the neural stitching in the perceptual curtain.”

Full Article:  While a Magician Works, the Mind Does the Tricks

Published: August 12, 2008
How do magicians take advantage of our brains to create their seemingly impossible illusions?

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  1. Talking about distraction:
    when I was 14 – too many years ago –
    I needed a vaccination which had to
    be in the rear end. The person who
    was to administer the injection gave
    me a slap on the butt cheek and then
    gave me the shot…which I didn’t feel.

    I asked him why he slapped me and
    was informed that I didn’t feel the
    shot because of the after sensation
    of the slap. He was correct.

  2. Hi, The slap reminds me of another intervention NLP knowledge caused me to notice. When we breathe in there is an increase of pain, when we breathe out there is a decrease. ( I got this from pacing breathing, and noticing depth of breathing to peg sub language. ) So I taught a child who got regular intra-muscular injections to blow out and hold his breath out while getting the injection. It worked like a charm. Breath in he would scream, breath held out he was fine. the nurse loved it, too.

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