On becoming an NLP Professional: from here to there.

How to become a professional NLP Practitioner

Thanks for your serious interest. I’m going to give you a straight answer, one my marketing folks won’t like.  

It’s practice that will make your skill, and skill that will make your practice.

To achieve a skill level to succeed at practicing NLP as a profession takes more than just a lot of trainings. It takes actual practice, and the best kind is practice in a supervised setting, i.e. a live training with skilled training coaches.

These are getting harder and harder to find because there has been a race to the bottom in terms of price, and consequently quality, in NLP trainings. You’ll find any number of “trainings” that are very short, a weekend or so, and frequently in large groups – no personal attention there.

So what would be a practical and achievable path? To start with, one way to concentrate your development is to recruit a few interested friends to take an online course with you, like our Hack Your Brain NLP Practitioner. 

You lower your costs, and you have people to practice with in your life. You get experience of what it is like to do NLP, not just watch it. That is a pretty good idea before committing gobs of time and money, right?  Be sure they chip in towards the cost, as that bakes in their commitment. For more tips about this kind of thing, get the free NLP Café manual here: https://www.nlpco.com/NLPCafe

As for other tips, see our “Choosing a good training” (https://nlpco.com/library/good-training ) white paper. And look for an institute that uses volunteer coaches in their trainings, since being one is where you can get accelerated development.

Hope this is helpful, and best good fortune on your journey.

Tom Dotz

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