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Color Your World

Times of great turmoil and change within the human experience are the perfect time to discover how well we have cultivated states of inner peace and well-being. (So what if everyone is freaking about money. There really isn’t any less of it on the planet!).

In “The New Earth” Eckhart Tolle writes “How to be at peace now? By making peace with the present moment. Once you have made peace with the present moment, see what life does through you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.”

Lately, a lot of my potential consulting contracts are “on hold.”  As a small business owner, when sales are down, it is essential to stay positive.  (It’s also the hardest time to stay positive). This seems like a perfect time to start writing a new script. So my partner and I are doing just that: We’ve been creating a new program on “Renewable Leadership” for leading in fast-changing times. Seems the perfect use of a bit of down-time.

To even have the thought to do that, makes me grateful for the value of the NLP skills I have learned and cultivated. I know my internal “thought-forms” create my experience.  I know it’s important to monitor them carefully and choose them consciously. I know that even a small shift in how I speak to myself and the people around me can make a huge difference in the quality of my day, and theirs. Learning NLP was like getting the 64-color Crayola box in 5th grade.  A whole palette of ways to color my world!

Last night, I took out my box of crayons, sat down and re-wrote my story.  In big, beautiful full-color, first-person, present tense, I wrote for 20 minutes about the magical story of my wonderful life and what a great trip it is!  About the gift and the responsibility I was given. About how I am living in the constant flow of abundance in all the realms of my life – work, health, family. No matter that a lot of it isn’t true or seems “over-optimistic.”  I’d rather be an optimist than wallow in pessimism any day.

Even with all of the training and experience and personal work I have done for the past 20 years, I have to make a daily, conscious effort to overwrite the stories my mind wants to tell. Just like  daily push-ups or running, knowing how to run doesn’t create the benefits of running in your life. It is only by running that you create physical health.  

So if you are disheartened, worried or frustrated by life, stop watching the news and remember: You are already LIVING your dream. The only question is, are you dreaming the life you want? 

If not, get out a pad of paper and a pen now.  Take 10 minutes from your busy life. Write. Write what you love. What you want. What you care about. What you’ve accomplished. Write the details. Write what you are hearing — in surround-sound stereo.  Write what you are seeing in full panaromic, big-screen color.  Write how your life experience is emanating positive feelings.

There are just three rules:

1)      Write it in the “Now”, as if it’s already true.

2)      Write without editing. No worries that it’s not true, it’s just a new script.

3)      Read it daily until you start to see the magic happen.

Take heart that whatever is happening right now won’t be the same tomorrow (unless you stay stuck in your script).

Your unconscious knows the dream you want.

Time to make it happen!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me! When I get down – and despite knowing better I sometimes do – I’m sometimes not connecting with the notion that others (who know even better) sometimes worry about the things we don’t want instead of focusing on the things we do want. I feel better knowing it’s a human flaw, and not mine alone. This has come at a particularly appropriate time in my life.

    Onward and FORward!

  2. Bridget,

    I think it’s safe to say we will work to remember this our whole lives!
    Thank goodness for the people who care enough to make the effort. (:


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