Sliding Into Focus With Sliding Anchors

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* Sliding Into Focus:  A simple NLP Process with multiple uses!
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Tom Dotz

Sliding Into Focus:  Sliding Anchors!

In our recent survey a number of you mentioned a desire to have a greater ability to concentrate and focus on a project for an extended period of time.

This is a common experience we all face more and more as we are expected to do more and more and are now living in the information overload world that Alvin Toffler predicted some 30 years ago.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, email, text messages, newsletters ;-), not to mention phone calls and actual humans are stretching us in ways humans have no history of dealing with.

NLP has one very simple tool that is frequently overlooked in the fascination with newer and more complex processes.  It’s the basic tool taught in every thorough NLP training: Anchoring.  (You can certainly find out more about it in our NLP Home Study Practitioner, and you’ll get a thorough grounding in it at our Summer Immersion program.)

For having increased focus I’ve found a certain variation of basic kinesthetic anchoring is especially effective.  This is usually known as “sliding anchors” or “accelerated anchoring.”

It starts just like a basic kinesthetic anchor.

Think of a desired state – in this case focused concentration.
Think of a time when you experienced that; establish a reference anchor, like touching your left wrist.  You’ll want a place where you can then slide your finger up a distance, at least six inches or so.

Now as you remember that time when you were intensely focused, slowly slide your finger up your arm as you imagine the sense of being focused deepening and lengthening. Slide your finger up to your elbow; lift your finger off and touch your wrist again, repeating this sequence and imagining your focus deepening and lengthening even more every time you repeat the process.

Do this three or four times.
Now go for it – start that task for which you wanted more focus and concentration.  If you find your self wandering, or are interrupted, repeat the process – it only takes seconds.  You may want to experiment with other desirable states or experiences just for fun and practice.  For instance curiosity, gratitude, laughter – you get the idea. 😉

This is one of those that improves and becomes more effective and reliable with use.
So enjoy, and let me know how it you like it – add a comment or question here.

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  1. I loved this. It gave me more energy and feelings of vitality. I feel energized to go off and finish my goal.


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