NLP: The Essential Guide – An Introduction

It’s finally here.  After much hype, countless hours, so many months work, the new book, NLP: The Essential Guide is in stores and on shelves.  It’s hard to believe.  It’s really here, and it’s more than just paper.

Published by William Morrow/Harper Collins, it’s available now.  You get the book and the matching Companion Site . The site is linked to from specific pages throughout the book, creating an inclusive multi-sensory learning environment for you. Tom Dotz created the site to provide additional value, practice and guidance in the journey you will take while reading this book.

It’s also linked from QR codes for your phone, and of course the links should be live in the e-book editions. Tom really wants the site to be responsive to the readers’ desires, so be among the early adopters and your requests and feedback will get first attention. That will direct the growth of the site and your experience in the directions you want.

Order yours today at your favorite bookseller listed below and you will benefit from the book AND the free companion site.  And make sure to let us know how you like the book!

Excepted from the forthcoming book,
“NLP: The Essential Guide” by Tom Hoobyar, Tom Dotz, and Susan Sanders

 2013 Harper Collins, © NLP Comprehensive Reprinted with permission. 

1,134 words, 4.5 minutes average reading time

There are hundreds of potential turning points in each person’s life-and this book will be an important one in yours. How’s that possible?
Here’s how. You’ll discover HOW your one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-duplicated special mind actually works. You’ll find out how you were able to use your brain before you could even say a word. Even better, you’ll be able to “get under the hood” of your own thoughts and adjust them to fit your current needs. Since most of our beliefs and values were created before we were five years old, this is a good thing. Some of those patterns might benefit from a little updating, don’t you think?

In this book you’ll get specific processes for updating these old patterns and creating new ones. You’ll explore simple, solid solutions to issues including anxieties, procrastination, and motivation. You’ll learn and practice powerful strategies for immediate, lasting results in areas like self-confidence.

These may seem like pretty big promises, and yet the possibilities are not overstated. The basis for this is NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s a funny name for an essential function of life: understanding and managing your own mind. NLP is famous for its fast fixes for phobias and long-held fears and anxieties-and much more.

Like many great ideas, the concepts of NLP have been embraced by many leaders in their fields-now, several decades since its inception, echoes of NLP appear in all kinds of books, training courses, coaching, and motivational speeches. As you go through this book and learn more about NLP, you’ll find yourself recognizing the many places and people who have adopted it as part of their work.

This essential guide provides you with multiple ways to create and maintain motivation to keep you moving forward toward your goals. You’ll also learn two tremendously important processes for selecting and validating your goals. That alone is worth the price of admission. When you truly know what you want, and that what you want is worth having, you’ll find all your internal resources aligning. You’ll find the friction, distractions, and hesitations melting away. You’ll learn what is called internal congruence, and that gives you a strong running start.

You’ll discover new ways of relating to and understanding other people that will make getting cooperation and giving direction easier and more satisfying than ever before. And I’m speaking as a guy who used to have real issues with shyness and public speaking.

You see, I know firsthand what a difference using NLP has made in my own life. Using its concepts and techniques can have powerful and long-lasting effects. I have trained hundreds of people in NLP concepts and techniques-and have seen people make remarkable changes in their lives.

You’ll also get a new understanding of other people because you’ll have a better idea about what’s going on inside them. For the most part, most people don’t know how they work inside. They really are unable to tell you what makes them think a particular thought, or do what they do. You’ll learn about other people’s inner workings by simply observing behaviors and noticing the right key signals.

Having this awareness also helps you be a little more approachable, a little more “simpatico,” and a little smoother when you’re communicating. Of course, the reward here is the power of influence. The knowledge you’ll gain about how people work gives you real persuasive power.

Your relationships will improve across the board because you will become more understanding, and more understood. That combination makes you an easier person to be around. Frankly, it makes you more attractive.

You’ll find your performance at work improving. Mine certainly did. I became a better team player. And, even though I was the boss, I became much more approachable to my employees. You’ll become healthier, too, because you’ll be better able to manage your motivations to exercise, to eat well, and to reduce or do away with some of your poor health habits.

The bottom line is that by reading this book and doing the recommended activities, you’ll develop the skills to become better at just about everything you do. You’ll gain powerful tools to be able to overcome whatever you believe is your number-one problem.

If I were you, I might be thinking, “Why should I trust this guy-and invest my time exploring these ideas?” Here’s why. For most of my career, I’ve made my living as an inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur, and after NLP training, as a consultant to people dealing with personal and professional performance issues.

I know what’s proved most useful to me over the last fifteen years and that’s what I’m going to share with you. This book is not simply an encyclopedia of NLP. Instead, this is an interactive user guide that puts the power of NLP at your fingertips right now. I am, first and foremost, an NLP user. It’s how I navigate life.

Let me start with how NLP really got my attention. It’s the story of how, after thirty-six years, I found a way to stop smoking. I had been trying to quit for eighteen of those thirty-six years. Nothing worked for me. I tried hypnosis, putting money in a jar every time I would break down and have a smoke, telling all my friends and family that I quit, drinking myself to sleep for one stretch of six nonsmoking months. Nothing worked. Every time I “quit,” I would find an excuse to start smoking again. Once I even used my dad’s death as an excuse to stop on the way to his house to buy a pack of cigarettes. “Emergency,” I told myself. “I’ll quit again when I get through this.”

Yeah, right. And I felt like an idiot. Here I was, the CEO of a Silicon Valley start-up firm, and I was the only smoker in the company. Out of consideration for our employees, I had declared our offices a nonsmoking zone. So I would be alone, standing outside in all kinds of weather pounding down a quick cigarette before meeting with my staff, stinking like an ashtray and knowing that I was broadcasting my weakness. Then one day, I saw an NLP process in a book. I thought I might as well try it.

That was more than twenty years ago and I haven’t lit a cigarette since. A few years later, when the company was on solid footing and I had a little breathing space, I started taking NLP training. Wow.

I had spent my entire adult life figuring out processes and technologies, but this new discipline blew those strategies away. As my questions about human nature (and my own inner workings) were answered for me, I realized that I had stumbled onto the coolest technology yet-the technology of human behavior.

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