Turning Your NLP Skills Into Gold While Helping Others

You know what’s even more high impact than a motivated
person working with focus and intensity?

No, not a lot of them; they’d just get in each other’s way.

Don’t you watch news? Or sports?

Here’s what’s even more high impact – the same motivated
person from the first sentence – WITH the added support of others.

This is a secret known to some but actually experienced by
very few.

Tom Dotz and I are going to tell you all about it on a special
conference call next Tuesday at 6PM Pacific, 7PM Mountain,

8PM Central and 9PM Eastern time. You can sign up here:

A new trend is emerging among professionals in many fields.

They are forming groups to coach each other and share their
resources, experiences and support. The benefits from these
groups are huge.

You can’t think of everything yourself. In many fields
people learn to work in teams.

But most of us are self-employed (even if we work in companies
we tend to think like mavericks) and we have to rely on ourselves
to be productive.

Why limit your abilities to just those you have on your own?

You don’t need to, you know. You can access the skills and
thoughts of lots of very sharp people. If you can find them,
you don’t have to go it alone.

It’s called Masterminding, and NLP people are specially
gifted in ways that make them naturals for getting the most
out of such groups. We know how to ask. We know how to listen.

This is a special area of human activity where NLP skills
can be used to great profit but no one before has ever
really explored this particular context.

Until now.

I have been a working member of eight Mastermind groups over
the last eight years, led by the most respected people in
the U.S.

I’ve helped make many of these members millionaires. And I
credit these groups with helping me to make at least one and
a half million in sales over a two year period in my
manufacturing business. I’ve also made lifetime friendships.

But the groups were very expensive, costing tens of
thousands of dollars annually in fees, travel and hotel

I’ve learned how they work. And I’ve realized how they could
have been improved if they had been organized to take the
full benefit of NLP training.

Also, with NLP skills much of the cost can be eliminated by
using technology instead of travel to share our ideas and
help each other reach our goals.

Next Tuesday evening at 6 PM Pacific time, Tom Dotz and I
are going to show you exactly how your skills can be used to
supercharge your professional or business career in this
special kind of group activity.

NLP skills are such a tremendous advantage in this area
because they address the essential challenges of
Masterminding, which we’ll be discussing in our call.

NLP is well-known as a superb set of interpersonal skills.

When you are skilled in NLP it’s easier to know what people
are trying to say, and much easier to express yourself
without creating friction and misunderstanding .

In an area where there is a lot at stake, and where reaching
clear understandings is a necessity, the person with NLP
skills has a tremendous advantage.

If you’d like to hear how NLP skills can be as useful as
you’d hoped when you took your training, just click on the
link below or copy and paste it into your browser, and sign
up for the call.

There is no charge from us for the call and no obligation.

After you sign up we will send you the details about the
number and code you use to join our conference. It will last
about an hour, and at the end we will be giving you a bonus
Masterminding report just for attending.

This Masterminding report will be useful to you, whether you
have an interest in considering our Mastermind group or
starting one of your own.

This is a brand new application for NLP, and one that can be
used to enrich your life personally while you contribute to
the larger community where you live.

Seeya on the call Tuesday,

Tom Hoobyar

P.S. The link to the signup page is:
Remember – no charge for the call except the phone charges, and
a free bonus Mastermind report is yours when we finish.

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  1. Jerry Richardson

    I was unable to connect to the call also. Due in part to the time differences with me being here in Alaska. I want to echo Ann’s question of will you post the recording for us to download, or will you do this call again sometime.

    Very anxious to participate in this.

    Take care, All the best,

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