Is NLP Manipulative?

Of course NLP is manipulative. That is one way to put NLP processes and understandings to work. Human behavior is by nature manipulative. From our first breath we manipulate our environment and caretakers to ensure our needs are met. We manipulate ourselves by the minute with our thoughts, positive and negative. We manipulate others with …

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Circle of Excellence

by Steve and Connirae Andreas This is the original format from our Classic Trainer Manual. It includes some of the background material used by the trainers such as framing, and frequently asked questions (with answers!).

Steve’s Healing Story: Reducing Physical Trauma

Perhaps one of the most well known NLP processes is the phobia-trauma process. Usually associated with relieving psychological trauma, NLP has many applications in the physical arena as well. Continuing our series on NLP in everyday life, this week’s story by Steve Andreas, co-founder of NLP Comprehensive, describes using NLP to reduce the affects of …

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