Getting Motivated: The Godiva Chocolate Pattern!

by Richard Bandler,  excerpted from the NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Manual Trainer Edition

A fast little process – with a little practice you’ll find yourself doing this in just minutes – that’s great for motivating yourself to do things you know you need to do and want to have completed but seem to keep putting off.

This pattern is an example of the power of submodalities.  It is especially useful for changing your feelings about  getting and staying motivated to do tasks that you have congruently decided you want/need to accomplish, but don’t presently enjoy doing – like cleaning out the garage, balancing your checkbook or exercising regularly.

Choose carefully what you wish for 🙂  -and be very careful of ecology with this pattern.  You don’t want to install an intense desire to do random or silly things.

1.  Compulsion picture: Get an associated picture of something you’re wildly compulsed to enjoy, for instance, chocolate. (associated:  You are in the picture seeing the object of desire).

Break state:  recite your phone number backwards.

2.  Task Picture: Get a dissociated picture of yourself doing something you have congruently decided you need/want to do (so you may as well enjoy it!). (disassociated: See a picture of yourself doing the task).

3.  Ecology Check: Is there any part of you that objects to your enjoying doing this task (that you have decided you need to do)? If so, reframe objections by contextualizing or just choose a different task for the exercise.

4.  Godiva!  (Go for it):

a.  Hold picture #2 (Task) in your mind, with picture #1(Pleasure) right behind it. Quickly open up a small hole in the center of picture #2, so that you can see picture #1 through this hole. Rapidly make the hole as big as you need to in order to get a full kinesthetic response to picture #1.
b.  Now shrink that hole down fast, but only as fast as you can maintain that feeling response to picture #1.
Do this process as fast as you can, three to five more times.

The outcome is to attach the feelings of picture #1 to picture #2.

5. Test: How do you feel when you look at picture #2? (calibrate)

Why the “Godiva” pattern?  When this process was being created, the Compulsion (pleasure) PIcture was an experience of eating Godiva Chocolates!

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