Tom Dotz

The Sound of Fear, Pt II: Relief

Always popular, stress and anxiety are especially common here in the US during our approaching holiday season. The Thanksgiving holiday is intended to be a time of gratitude, of sharing and appreciation. Yet it is also the busiest travel and shopping week of the year. That combination is rich in opportunities for anxiety, stress, and …

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Subtly Slipping in Change

Meaning Reframing: Subtly Slipping in Change Want to learn to change the meaning of a situation and protect yourself with a technique known as Meaning Reframing? Meaning Reframing gives you a very simple and subtle way to create change for yourself and in others. And realizing when someone is ‘doing it to you’ can protect …

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Instant (and lasting) Conversational Change

Here is another short and sweet example of language at work from our co-founder, Steve Andreas. Instant (and lasting) Conversational Change by Steve Andreas A friend sent me a very interesting example of conversational change: In the biography of Janos Starker, world-renowned cellist — who has recorded more pieces than any other, and who was once …

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