Master Manipulators

Hi and Welcome Back! Now that the January rush to perfection has passed, here’s an amusing takedown of the “instant gratification” self-improvement plans you’ve been pestered by, again, this year. As annoyed as I have been over the decades by the “easy money” and “miracle cure” charlatans of the self-improvement industry, I haven’t taken the …

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The Next Step in Perceptual Positions

Have you ever felt like, even though you understand and have practiced perceptual positions, sometimes they don’t make change by themselves?  Like sometimes you need something else, another bucket than the three standard positions? Perceptual positions are a core distinction in NLP, one that is used in multiple processes and techniques. Our perceptual positions guide …

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The other day I was driving down the highway with my daughter and we passed a nice car with personalized plates. I don’t know what it is about personalized plates, but I always love to guess what they say. Some of the license plates are really creative! As we were coming up on this car …

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